Furrmien Picnic

Private event birthday party for Vy at the park. Specially designed menu of small bites and hors d'oeuvres.

Every dish was prepared with rescued produce sourced from a few markets around Melbourne. We incorporated an element of our fermented products into each recipe.


  1. NTAF kimchi pancake, soy emulsion, Geraldton wax
  2. Charred beets, rockmelon jam, sunflower cream, coriander stems
  3. Chewy carrots, black bean miso, everything powder
  4. Slow braised eggplant, asian zaatar, moromi flat bread
  5. Potato crisp, green almond remoulade, Thai basil
  6. Seed cracker, smoked mushroom dip, pickled nasturtium flower
  7. Starfruit, cucumber, pea shoot, pickled watermelon rind, kaffir lime leaf dill dressing
  8. Quinoa, bbq corn, silver beets, Chinese artichoke and mixed herbs