“WASTE OF FOOD” - Digital Workshop

A workshop in collaboration with @practisestudiopractise. Originally an IRL event, we staged this virtually due to stage 4 lockdown. Each guest received a care package that included products from @chappyskettlechips, @huntedandgathered, and @silk_presse

Cacao Husk “Nukazuke”

We led guests through the process of creating an off script “nukazuke” which are traditional Japanese pickles made by fermenting vegetables in a rice bran pickling bed called “nukadoko.” This method was developed during the Edo period as a way to repurpose the excess rice bran generated from machine milled rice.

Each guest made an upcycled version of nukadoko. We substituted rice bran with cacao husks,a donated byproduct of chocolate production from local chocolate makers @huntedandgathered. Each guest used their own household waste (vegetable scraps & trims) to make their own nukazuke pickles.

Globe Artichoke Honey Wine

Anyone who has cooked an artichoke will know that the edible yield from one head is only about 30%. Or as the Italian’s say, ‘it takes many kisses to get through to the heart’. An artichoke heart, the remaining 70% of the vegetable (outer leaves), and Tasmanian honey were also included in each care package for each guest to make a honey wine. 

The naturally occurring yeasts on the artichoke peels feast on the honey in a process called alcoholic fermentation. Evidence of such a practice can be dated as early as 7000 BCE in China, where earthenware pots were found with remnants of rice, millet, grapes and honey.