A Night with Furrmien

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We recently hosted our first community dinner. Dennis carefully arranged a seven course meal around ferments and salvaged produce. It was a delightful, intimate evening and we are planning to host more community dinners in the future. We hope you will get the chance to join us.


Giveaway Dinner 2

Kimchi pancake, asian aioli, Geraldton wax
Potato crisp, spring onion dip, pickled sea lettuce
Shoyu coated fried pumpkin, lemon myrtle



Double cos lettuce, fermented tomato ketchup, fennel oil, starfruit
Nasturtium green juice, chewy smoke carrot, chili oil, flaxseed cracker
Yellow pea moromi bread, slow eggplant, fermented herb pesto, pickled onions


Giveaway Dinner 1 



Salted baked beetroot, sunflower tahini, rockmelon jam
Banana mole marinated cabbage, tomato dash, pickled lilly pilly, coriander oil


Avokaya, salted mango jam, 1 minute sponge cake

Giveaway Dinner

Giveaway Dinner

Giveaway Dinner

Interested in a collaboration? Contact us at furrmien@outlook.com. 

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